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National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, Permian Strategic Partnership partner to recruit, retain and support National Board Certified Teachers in Southeast New Mexico and West Texas

 The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (National Board) announces today a partnership with the Permian Strategic Partnership (PSP) and the New Mexico National Board Certified Teacher Network to expand and accelerate the work of ensuring all students in the Permian Basin region are taught by accomplished, National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs). The initiative focuses on Eddy County (Artesia, Carlsbad and Loving School Districts), NM; Lea County (Eunice, Hobbs, Jal and Lovington School Districts), NM; and Ector County Independent School District, TX.

Many schools in the Permian Basin region struggle to meet their staffing needs. Especially amid a devastating health crisis that has upended school systems across the country, supporting existing teachers and increasing retention is imperative. Schools are the foundational bedrock of many communities, and the challenge with attracting families to live in the Permian Basin region can be alleviated by strengthening schools through supporting more teachers. Increasing the number of Board-certified teachers in the region can turn this challenge around. Board certification has a research proven positive impact on student learning and teacher retention, and investing in these communities now will pay off for generations of students and their families. Currently there are only 12 Board-certified teachers in the 8 districts partnering in the grant.

More than a decade of research shows that students of NBCTs learn more than students taught by other teachers.

We are so excited about this work to support educators in the Permian Basin region of New Mexico and Texas. NBCTs are leaders, positively impacting students, schools and communities. The PSP partnership will provide financial support, mentoring and resources for teachers. It will make a difference, said Peggy Brookins, NBCT, president and CEO of the National Board.

By supporting teachers to achieve National Board certification, this project will help mitigate many common teacher recruitment and retention barriers. This project will support teachers to increase their salary, provide them with meaningful professional learning opportunities, and give them the tools they need for career advancement. This investment will make it more attractive for teachers to come to and stay in these schools.

The PSP seeks to accelerate educational improvements by supporting initiatives that expand and strengthen teacher talent available to Permian students, improve the professional development of educators and leaders, and equip school districts leadership with resources and partnerships for enhanced strategic planning, innovation and execution said Tracee Bentley, CEO of the PSP. “Children in school today will be joining the workforce of tomorrow and quality education is critical for success. Our schools must have the resources to provide the next generation with access to highly qualified teachers and a robust curriculum. This investment will make it more attractive for teachers to come to and stay in these schools, and we are thrilled to partner with the National Board.

This project will support approximately 5% of teachers per year, in each district, to pursue Board-certification, resulting in approximately 700 teachers engaging in the certification process over three years. Many of these teachers will become Board-certified. All participating teachers, even those who go through the certification process but don’t achieve, will improve their practice and have a positive impact on student learning.

Thousands of students across the region will have the benefit of being taught by teachers who have accepted the challenge to improve their teaching practice. The New Mexico National Board-Certified Teacher Network (NMNBCTN) team and our partners are excited to support educators working to achieve Board certification. We know the impact it has and believe in the power of National Board certification for teachers and their students, said Evelyn Sanchez, president of the NM NBCT Network.