The Permian Counts pushing for a stronger response rate for the Census

Numbers in the Basin are low compared to the average yet, The Permian Counts continues to push residents of the Basin to fill out the Census. “There’s never been a more important time, or region for that matter, for us to fill it out,” says Tracee Bentley.

COVID-19 could lead to U.S. Census under-counting rural New Mexico communities

The suspension of field operations by the United States Census Bureau in response to COVID-19 coronavirus has left nearly 18 percent of New Mexico without the ability to easily participate in the 2020 Census, according to a state group coordinating with the federal Census officials.

A message from the Permian Strategic Parternship: hope in hard times

These are difficult days – for our families, businesses and communities – all of which are feeling the impacts from multiple global threats at once. The threat to our personal health from the COVID-19 pandemic is taking its toll around the globe, while we absorb the threat to our economic health caused by market uncertainty […]

A Conversation About West Texas

Texas 2036 Founder and Chairman Tom Luce talks with Tracee Bentley, President and CEO of the Permian Strategic Partnership in Midland, as well as a Texas 2036 Board member. They discuss how COVID-19 and energy market conditions are impacting West Texas, touching on issues ranging from the economy and health to education and the digital […]

Tracee Bentley – Partnering in the Permian

The Permian Basin is a very big place. A vast expanse encompassing most of West Texas and the Southeastern quadrant of New Mexico, the region is roughly the size of the entire state of Utah. Like Utah, most of the Permian is characterized by arid, sparsely populated desert country. Over the last five years, the […]