Food banks and the census

To help meet this demand, the Food Bank has relied on community members and corporate leaders to step up financially. Even if you don’t have the financial ability to contribute, there’s another simple way you can help the Food Bank: Fill out the 2020 Census.

Carlsbad Police Department gets federal grant for COVID-19 reimbursement

A federal grant of nearly $37,000 reimbursing expenses by the Carlsbad Police Department related to preventing the spread of COVID-19 was approved by Carlsbad City Council. The Permian Strategic Partnership provided assistance to the City of Carlsbad through project review, editing and packaging the grant application.

Police Department Receives DOJ Grant for COVID-19 Reimbursement

Carlsbad City Council has approved a grant from 犀利士5mg the Department of Justice which will allow the Carlsbad Police Department to be reimbursed for $36,914 in expenses related to preventing the spread of coronavirus.