Why Healthcare?

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The PSP recognizes that access to healthcare in the Permian Basin faces a unique set of challenges, not only from the region’s tremendous growth in metro areas, but also because of the natural obstacles present in rural areas – one of the most pressing issues for residents of the area is accessibility to quality healthcare and healthcare professionals.

As the region’s population continues to grow, so does the need for quality healthcare. The Permian Basin’s growing needs can be met through several avenues, including improvements in technology and connectivity that bridge the gap between patients and doctors. By providing high quality healthcare education opportunities, the region can attract and retain healthcare professionals dedicated to their communities.

What We're Doing

The PSP Healthcare Committee is working to increase local access to quality healthcare for communities in the Permian Basin. By collaborating with local stakeholders and institutions like universities, regional hospitals, local foundations, and philanthropies, the PSP Healthcare Committee sees opportunities to train and retain more doctors in the region and expand utilization of emerging technologies and healthcare models.